It would be easy to play on your senses with advertisement.  However, I would prefer to give you a bit of information on massage, massage therapists, and myself.  Then you can decide if Agape Therapeutic Massage is right for you.

What is massage?  Massage is systematic and scientific manipulation of soft tissue to obtain or maintain health.  Massage is preformed for therapeutic, educational, or relaxation purposes.

I have heard some people say that a massage therapist is just someone that rubs a body.  Although a massage therapist does rub bodies, did you know that a massage therapist's training includes study of anatomy, physiology, pathology, and kinesiology to name a few?  In the state of North Carolina, a massage therapist must obtain a state license.  To obtain the required licensing a massage therapist must complete all required courses, meet clinical requirements, pass the state exam, and undergo a thorough background check.  (All that is certainly necessary.)

My name is Theresa Nowlin.  I received my training at NC Massage School, formally known as The Edmund Morgan School of Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy in Cornelius, North Carolina.  I am North Carolina Board and Neuromuscular (NMT) Certified.  As a therapist trained in NMT, I am educated in the physiology of the nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems.  I have been asked how a decided on the name for my practice.  "Agape" represents divine, unconditional love.  God's love.  "Agape" also is an intentional response to promote well-being when responding to that which has generated ill-being.  So, with the understanding of what "Agape" means it only seemed appropriate.  You see it is because of God's love for me that I am a licensed massage therapist and to me massage is a therapeutic method of returning the muscles that have become overloaded or overworked back to a state of well-being.

Many people look at massage as a way of pampering yourself.  Although this is true, massage is so much more than that.  Another misconception about massage is that it has not been around very long.  Did you know that massage is a recorded form of healing in many cultures that dates back prior to the birth of Christ?  The list of benefits that any massage offers you is great.  A massage can lower your blood pressure, while increasing blood circulation.  Massage can reduce stress and relieve tension.  Massage reduces chance of injury and illness.  However, if you have been injured, massage promotes recovery from injury more quickly.  A massage enhances and maintains good health. improves attitude and alertness, increases muscle mobility and promotes muscle flexibility, reduces pain, stimulates and detoxifies the body and much more benefits may be achieved with a massage.  Even when you receive a "pampering" massage, you also receive a preventative service for your body.  A simple soft touch may not work your muscles intensely but it can easily decrease your stress level.

I hope this information helps you to understand why Agape Therapeutic Massage is right for you.

A few words about me and Why Agape Therapeutic Massage?

Theresa Nowlin LMBT

NC License # 12420

Believe and Receive the Blessings delivered to you during your massage!

Agape Therapeutic Massage