Believe and Receive the Blessings delivered to you during your massage!

60 Minute Swedish Massage              $120

60 Minute Deep-Tissue Massage      $130

90 Minute Swedish Massage              $150

60 Minute Deep-Tissue Massage      $160

There are many advantages to a massage beyond the obvious.  In the past, massage has been considered a luxury service.  However, studies reveal just how beneficial massage is in our everyday lives.  Massage can lower your blood pressure, while increasing your blood circulation.  Massage can reduce stress and relieve tension.  Massage reduces chance of injury and illness.  However, if you have been injured, massage promotes recovery from injury more quickly.  A massage enhances and maintains good health, improves attitude and alertness, increases muscle mobility and promotes muscle flexibility, reduces pain, stimulates and detoxifies the body just to name a few.

Chair Massage for Events/Parties

Prices Vary

Agape Therapeutic Massage

30     Minute Neuromuscular Massage          $45

60     Minute Neuromuscular Massage          $75

90    Minute Neuromuscular Massage           $100

120 Minute Neuromuscular Massage           $130  

30     Minute Swedish Massage          $35
60     Minute Swedish Massage          $65
90    Minute Swedish Massage           $90
120 Minute Swedish Massage           $120

60 Minute Prenatal Massage            $75

30     Minute Reflexology          $45
60     Minute Reflexology          $75

30     Minute Deep-Tissue Massage          $45
60     Minute Deep-Tissue Massage          $75
90    Minute Deep-Tissue Massage           $100
120  Minute Deep-Tissue Massage           $130